Cider OP 25.02.2018

The Blue Spaghetti Monster

–  Story from Finnish perspective, written by @Starwie –

In autumn 2017, we were contacted by an agent from Russia, @CatDisaster, about a certain BAF plan, centered on one particular set of conveniently located portals in the town of Uva, Udmurt republic, Russia. Another planned corner was Chisinau, the capital of Moldova and the third in Kuusamo, a small town in northern Finland.

After brief negotiation, place for Finnish anchor was fixed and key farming was started undercover by local agents @hatetrick and @julleko because of new ENL player that had emerged in this previously inactive town. Keys were exchanced and finally after few months of waiting, it was time for some serious fielding.

Kuusamo is, from most parts of Finland, a very distant place and half of our linking team had to drive across half the country to get there. Trip was uneventful – for the drivers – but at least passengers had something to do sifting through Portal Recon, because they noticed some new submits from Kuusamo… and I hoped to get more field corner portals. 

After 12 hours of driving (and submitting a few high quality portals along the way) we arrived to our HQ, a rental cabin in the middle of nowhere. We waited for more agents to arrive, took few hours of rest and had a quick recap of what we were about to do. Meanwhile, all other agents were moving to their targets for cleaning and guide linking, most by cars, some by foot and we even had one agent who took a ski trip to a remote island in Saimaa lake.

When everybody was at their place, we waited for signal to act. When it came, we dropped blocks, did guide links and got the field anchor up all at once – as we like to do it, nice and quick. Links from the two other corners came in sharply, and after few minutes of very nervous waiting, we saw first field at the anchor and a lot of cheering was heard.

About half an hour after the first field, while we were nervously watching our anchor portal, came first alerts – one of our guide link portals was under attack by a local ENL player. They were awake! And our nervousness changed to adrenaline-filled excitement about what they were going to do. There were already over 60 fields linked to our anchor and more was done every minute.

Few more guide links were done from our own field corners just before ENL flipped the anchor… and the fields remained. Ghost fields. There were over 110 fields at this point linked to our anchor in Kuusamo, and ghosting was an inevitable result from flipping it, which meant that we could just take anchor back – as we were 3 RES against 1 ENL at the anchor – and there was no possibility of blocking, the fielding could continue.

Not long after, when it was our turn to start fielding, record of largest field made from Finland was broken  – with over 30,7 million MU!

It took another 20 minutes to do all fields from Kuusamo and Ruka, and when we had completed our part, we had fielded nearly 1,3 billion mind units from Finland alone. As we saw that our work was clearly visible even on Global MU score, it was time for a toast and lots of stories when we got back to our cabin headquarters.

A few numbers from the operation:
Fields from Finland: 42
Fields total: 172
Most fields standing at one time: 113
MU per layer: 30,5 – 30,8 million
New Onyx Illuminator badges in Finland: 5

Here is a Russian report, written by CatDisaster and inye. More pictures and full list of participating agents included. 


Agents involved


Preparations, keys, recruiting

Intel operators

Agents on the ground
+ special guest star from Russia with love, kostamuspoika



It’s a long way to places that are far away, they say. Flight was out of question because you cannot stop the plane for unique portals.


As we were driving, agent hatetrick was already scouting some portals in gorgeous scenery…

…as was agent Stedius. He also prepared himself a nice wind shelter for coming night.

Last preparations and briefing before action in our nice HQ hut.

Gearing up for the cold. Forecast for Kuusamo was -16 and moderate wind, so waiting at a portal could be a frosty experience.

Agents moving into position. Northern winters are pitch black.

Warming fire makes all the waiting much more comfortable.. I almost envy these people. For me this operation was mostly sitting in a car. As usual.  😀 Agent Stedius reporting all set, let’s do it!

First links are up within a minute or two,  first field came after few more minutes of very nervous waiting.

Then some more.. And more. A lone ENL agent came (on a bicycle!) to cause some trouble – and a nice set of 100+ layers of ghost fields by flipping our anchor after its virus immunity ended.

But he could not prevent us from linking some more.

Before and after. With 2 fields. A lot of happy agents tonight…

Some more scanner pics…

Cold doesn’t seem to bother them anymore…

Ruka ski resort, the place for last 3 corners. Probably crowded with lots of intoxicated after-ski people only an hour or two before our OP.

photo_2018-02-26_17-54-30 (3)

Of course there are alternative methods for keeping warm in addition to fire and fielding 😉

Our happy Kuusamo link team 🙂