OP SähköEtana (=ElectricSnail) 3.9.2017

-Written by @Starwie-

For some time already I had this drawing waiting for a perfect moment. About 1.5 years ago we made 101 fields over Helsinki. After that, ENL managed to beat us with 103 fields even though only some of the fields lived to see a check point. During one of our farms, these two guys were talking about taking back the record and I remembered my plan… And that is where it all started.

The schedule was tricky. We realized that the last vessel to and from Örö was scheduled to go during the weekend of September 1st – 3rd. Some of the planning team members were already exhausted due to the past two weeks full of ingressing and the week before the operation for me and @Manzicca was full of real life stuff… But still, we decided to continue with the plan. (Thank you @LyyliMatilda @turbsastor @Gravewind @Aniliini @haseldow for helping us with the real life project during the week.)

In the original plan there were only two anchor portals planned to be on islands: Kaunissaari (eastern anchor island) and Örö (western anchor island), but when @eznottt saw the plan, he made some neat modifications to it including a third island also to the north.

The actual operation started couple minutes after 4 o’clock the night (or morning) between Saturday and Sunday. By 5 AM CP we already had 117 fields up and still more to come. We got to 172 fields in total before this one brave enlightened agent started to destroy them all alone, one by one. Still during the 10 AM CP 132 fields were standing.

Before 3 PM CP couple more ENL agents joined to take down the fields, but they didn’t know we still had a trick stored for them. While the ENL agents were clearing the fields, our players filled some of the portals again and before 3 PM CP, the island agents threw more fields from the anchor portals. In 3 PM CP 60-70 fields were standing.

Finally, around 5 PM, two ENL agents arrived to Kaunissaari with the ferry that our agents were about to leave the island and call it a day.

Fields in the first checkpoint (done in less than one hour): 117
Fields in the second checkpoint: 132
Fields in the third checkpoint: 60-70
Total fields standing same time: 172
Total MU collected: ~100 MMU
Illuminator badges: 9 x Onyx & 1 x Platinum

Agents involved and badges gained:
@DalekXII (Onyx)
@heksagon (Onyx)
@jeiccis (Onyx)
@jyksi (Onyx)
@PurkkaKoodari (Onyx)
@Reindeerpiss (Onyx)
@Simakuutio (Onyx)
@supersakkebros (Platinum)
@Tantor66 (Onyx)
@Tramad01 (Onyx)

P.S. Let’s see if the next time we will have over 100 agents involved. 😉